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  • How do I get a tree from your farm?
    On weekends we are a full service choose and cut farm. We have bow saws and twine for our customers to use. On Saturdays we offer free horse drawn wagon rides to and from the fields, free baling of trees, free tree drilling, and complimentary coffee, hot chocolate and treats. During the week our farm is “self-serve” with maps, saws and pay box available for customers.
  • How much do your trees cost?
    2023 price list Fraser, Balsam, Canaan Trees - Under 5 ft: $30 - 5 ft: $35 - 6 ft: $40 - 7 ft: $45 - 8 ft: $50 - 9 ft: $60 - 10+ ft: $70 White Pine 6' - $30 7' - $35 8' - $40 Painted Trees - Add $20 to regular tree price. Our trees are reasonably priced and the same or slightly less than big box stores or “lot” trees. Our trees are a great value as they are guaranteed fresh. Our prices also include free wagon rides, baling and drilling of your tree on weekends. We also include WI sales tax in the price, so the price listed on your tree is what you pay.
  • Do you bale/wrap the tree and is it “extra"?"
    Baling/wrapping of trees on weekends is included in the price of the tree.
  • What are the dates and hours of operation?
    We are open beginning Black Friday through Christmas eve day, from 9 - dark each day. We offer full service on weekends and self serve on weekdays. Weekday self-service payment is cash or check only. We accept credit cards on weekends.
  • When do you offer horse drawn wagon rides?
    Horse drawn wagon rides are offered on Saturdays. On Sundays we use tractors to and from the fields.
  • How does self-serve on weekdays work?
    We have a small hut, inside the main driveway, at W3579 Ridge Road. Inside the hut are maps of the fields, prices of trees, bow saws for your use. On the outside of the hut is a pay box where you can leave cash or check.
  • Do you have tall trees available?
    We have many 9’ trees available. We have a limited selection of 10’-11’ Frasers and Balsams. Please contact us for specific species and sizes. Phone: 715-651-5386 OR email:
  • What types of trees do you sell?
    We have thousands of Frasers and hundreds of Balsams, with a limited number of Canaans and White Pine available.
  • Do you have pre-cut trees available?
    Yes, we usually have 25-30 pre-cut trees available. These are individually priced and located near parking area.
  • What else do you sell besides trees?
    We offer a variety of handmade wreaths and garland. We also offer Amish baked goods on weekends.
  • What other services do you provide?
    On Saturdays and Sundays we offer free wagon rides to and from our fields, free baling and drilling of your tree and hot chocolate, coffee and treats. We have twine to tie your tree to your vehicle as well as staff to help you load your tree if needed.
  • Will someone help us with our tree?
    On weekends we are a full-service shop. Once you have selected your tree from our “pre-cut” lot or brought the tree from the field, we will bale (wrap), and help you get the tree onto your vehicle.
  • Do you accept credit cards?
    Yes, we accept credit cards on weekends. Cash and check only during the week.
  • Can we “pre-tag” our tree?
    Join us starting Saturday, October 14, 2023 to preselect your Christmas tree. Take a stroll with the family through our fields, choose your perfect tree, and decorate it to "save" for harvest time. Maps are stocked in the front shed near our garage. We look forward to seeing you (and your decorated trees in our fields) soon!
  • Is it OK to bring our pets?
    Pets are welcome at our farm, we ask that you keep them on a leash.
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